Daily Class Procedures/Routine:

Morning Work
As children arrive, they will find their seat assignment for the day. They will begin “morning work”, which will be waiting for them at their tables. 

Circle Time
We will say the “Pledge of Allegiance” and sing a patriotic song. We will tell and read stories, and work on the letter of the week and participate in “show and tell”. It is during this time that I will introduce the objective and project for the day, assign classroom jobs, and discuss the weather, and the calendar: month, date, day of the week, and season. 

Free Play/ Art Activity
During “Centers” time we will work on art projects and written work. Children will spend approximately 15-20 minutes in each center, every day. 

Direct Instruction
Worksheets, Weekly Readers, science experiments, cooking, charts/graphs, and original class stories. 

Children are required to clean-up their center area before moving on to the next. 

Snack Time
Snack time begins with prayer. Children may be given jobs for set up. They will also clean up after themselves. 

Music Time
Children will listen to music; learn new songs, finger plays, and rhymes. We will listen for sound, rhythms and patterns. 

Show and Tell
Show and tell will take place each day during “circle time” and will coincide with the letter of the week. 

Gym or Playground
Each class is given a special time to use either the gym or playground for their physical education program. 

Children will sing a goodbye song.