Daily Class Procedures/Routine:

The children are greeted at the door by the teacher. They enter the room and choose a job from our job chart as a way of teaching them responsibility.

Free Play
For the first 20 minutes the children are allowed to play anywhere in the classroom. Two tables will have fine motor skill activities, one table will be set-up for coloring, the carpet will have larger play toys on it such as a doll house or train track, and the kitchen/dress¬-up area will be open for use.

The children will line up for gym or the playground depending on the weather. We will practice our gross/loco motor skills at this time.

Art Activity
The children will begin their first art project which will be theme related. All different mediums will be used to create their art as a way of teaching the children to “think out of the box” and to practice their fine/gross motor skills.

Children are required to clean-up after themselves and will be taught a specific song to prompt them when clean-up time arrives.

Circle Time
The children are called over to the carpet where they will say the pledge of allegiance as well as practice the calendar, the weather, the ABC's, and counting. The lesson/theme of the day will be reinforced at this time through the usage of pictures, felt board, puppets, etc.

Snack Time
Children are called over to the tables one by one where they look for their placemats. Those who have jobs related to snack will perform them at this time. Children will clean their hands and say a prayer before eating.

Story Time
After snack the children choose a book from our reading center and quietly sit on the carpet until everyone is done with their snack. The teacher then collects all the books and reads one special book to the class which is related to the daily lesson.

Free Play/Art Activity
A second art project will be done. If a child is finished with their art project or waiting to be called upon, they may play at one of the play areas.

Music Time
Children win learn new songs and little dances at this time.

Show and Tell
Show and Tell will take place every two weeks at the end of a thematic unit. The exact date will be posted on our bulletin board.

The teacher will speak with the parents about how the day went and notify them of any important events coming up. The children will then be individually called to meet their parents.