Daily Class Procedures/Routine:

9:30 Children Arrive - learning to say good-bye to "Mom and Dad" and family members

9:45 Free play / Art Project / Playdough - work with children to paint and color

10:15 Clean-up time - learn to work together to put toys, puzales and books away

10:20 Gym / Playground - games, exercise, learn listening skills and coordination

10:40 Circletime - daily/weekly themes, learn songs and storytime

11:00 Snack Time - learn to find a seat at the table (snack always begins with a prayer)

11:20 Music - learn songs, be creative with instruments, parades and dancing

11:45 Movement - motions to poems and nursery rhymes or playdough center

12:30  Dismissal - sing our good-bye song