Classes held Monday through Friday
12:30 – 2:00
in 8 week sessions throughout the school year

Consider coming on your “off” day!

The implementation of the new Common Core State Standards across all grade levels, speaks to the charge educators have in developing a curriculum that will support the literate, well -rounded person for the 21st century.  The standards call for the development of skills and understanding that extend beyond the classroom, charging educators to develop creative instruction that includes hands on experiences.

The NYS Department of Education provides an alignment of NYS Pre-Kindergarten Standards to K-12 Common Core State Standards.  Our curriculum for Nursery and Pre-kindergarten classes are based upon these standards for Pre-kindergarten. Our Enrichment program provides a unique opportunity to extend the “school” day for your child, in a manner that includes (hands-on) constructive play.  Our staff has developed cross-curricula lesson plans for interesting, engaging, interactive learning.

1. ArtMondays – (Room to be assigned)
    Mrs. DePalo, Teacher
“The artist, after all, is not a special person; every person is a special kind of artist”

The goals of our enrichment course include freedom of artistic expression, joy in the process of creating, development of art vocabulary, communication through art, and skills in caring for art materials.

Session 1: September 18 through November 13 - DIY Paintbrush  Have you ever painted with bubble wrap?  Each week students will use different materials to create their own paintbrush, and they will learn that you don’t need bristles to get creative and paint.

Session 2: November 20 through January 29 - Mosaic Art Students will create mosaic masterpieces using various techniques.  Mosaics will be made from foam shapes, fingerprints, buttons, torn paper and much more.

Session 3:  February 5 through April 9 - The Art of Eric Carle  Each week students will listen to a book by the famous children’s author Eric Carle, then they will create the character from the story.  Characters they create will include the lonely firefly, the hungry caterpillar, the busy spider and many more.

Session 4: April 16 through June 11 - I am in the Art  Each piece of artwork created will include a picture of the child.  The children will love seeing themselves become the star of their art.  

2. Music and Movement  – Tuesday – (Room to be assigned)
     Mrs. Mauceri – Teacher

“Music is vital to life”

Music evokes emotion and movement. Children are naturally drawn to music, and music is naturally good for children. Experts have found that “…developmentally appropriate music activities involve the whole child; the child’s desire for language, the body’s urge to move, the brain’s attention to patterns, the ears lead in initiating communication, the voices response to sounds, as well as the eye-hand co-ordination associated with playing musical instruments.” (Professional Journal – Early Childhood Connections)

Session 1: - September 19 through November 14 – “The Language of Music”We will explore the vocabulary of music.  What is sound, but energy that is caused by something moving backwards and forward, like the vibration in a guitar string.  What is rhythm and beats, pattern and sequence?  What is a note?  What does it look like and how does it sound?  Let’s make some music!

Session 2: - November 21 through January 23 – “Music 101”This is a music and movement approach to early childhood music development.  All children are musical and every child needs a stimulating, supportive music environment to achieve competence in the wonderful world of music making.  Join us each week as we make a different musical instrument and listen to music pertaining to that particular instrument.

Session 3: - January 30 through April 10 – “Stories with Classical Movement and Music”Stories can be launch pads for improvisation and exploration of sounds and rhythm. Using stories paired with classical music and movement takes those benefits to another level.  The music opens up a world of imagination, and inspires creativity.  Think of the music from your favorite movie, helping to set the mood.  Each week we will read a selection, paired with music.  We will ask the children to imagine themselves in that different world and pretend to be those characters. We will talk about how the music makes them feel, and if they think the piece fits the story.  What is it about the music that makes us sense danger, feel happiness, sadness, a cloudy day…the list goes on!

Session 4: - April 17 through June 12 – “Music and Customs Around the World” Get ready to get your passports stamped as we travel around the world and listen to cultural music and learn dances of that country.  Some countries of destination will include: Africa, Ireland, India, South America, Spain and our very own USA.

3. Sports – Wednesday – (Room to be assigned)

     Mrs. Harrington - Teacher

For toddlers, learning to throw or catch a ball is not just about competing in a given sport, it is about motor development and coordination. In an effort to help toddlers grow and develop, age-appropriate sports programs teach youngsters the skills they need.  Learning these skills as a toddler can help a youngster develop an interest in sports.

Session 1: September 13 through November 1 – “T.E.A.M.”  Over the course of an 8 week period, the children will play cooperatively to achieve a sense of teamwork.  The children will participate in a variety of games to develop ways to communicate their ideas clearly and to work together toward a common goal.  We will play games like ‘Over and Under’, ‘Captain Ball’, Squeeze Game’, ‘Keep it Up’, ‘Mirror Mirror’ ‘Treasure Hunt’ and ‘Stranded Rafters’

Session 2: November 8 through January 10 – “Fun Old-Fashioned Games”  Remember the games you used to play?  Well now it is your preschoolers turn to play them with their school friends.  Using the teamwork skills learned from session I, we will engage in games such as; Freeze Tag, Hopscotch, Four-Square, Red-Rover, Capture the Flag, and Simon Says.

Session 3: January 17 through March 28 – “Have a Ball”  In this sports themed class, we will focus on having fun while we explore sports skills like running, jumping, throwing, catching and playing games with sport balls.  Each week a different sport, such as football, tennis, basketball, volleyball, etc. will be introduced to the children.  Get ready to Have a Ball!

Session 4: April 11 through June 6Soccer”   In many ways, learning the game of soccer is like learning a language: The earlier someone begins learning it, the easier it is. The odd skill set soccer requires—using your feet to control the ball rather than your hands—can be better grasped if players learn it at a young age. Therefore, teaching preschool-aged children the basics of soccer and having them practice these skills will better allow them to grow into the sport, affectionately known as “the world’s game—the world’s most popular team sport”.

4.Spanish 101 - Thursday(Room to be assigned)
    Mrs. Kate Rea, Teacher

Session 1:
September 14 through November 9 - “The Art of Learning Spanish” How do you say “cat” in Spanish? How do you say “apple” in Spanish? Each week the children will learn a new Spanish word which will be reinforced by painting the symbol for that word up at the easel. Let’s start painting!

Session 2: November 16 through January 25 -
“The Fun of Learning Spanish” Each week the children will learn a new game or dance popular in Spanish speaking countries. We will be moving and grooving each week so put on those dance shoes!

Session 3: February 1 through April 12 - “The Sounds of Learning Spanish”
Each week the children will learn a new song or make a new musical instrument that is representative of the Spanish culture. So, grab those maracas and let’s get shaking!

Session 4: April 19 through June 7 - “The Yumminess of Learning Spanish”
Each week the children will be read a Spanish children’s book that pertains to food.  After reading our book, the class will make that simple food item for all to share. (Note: allergies will be taken into consideration.)

5. Literacy – Friday – (Room to be assigned)
Mrs. Dost – Teacher

The opportunities for children to learn new concepts and understand their world through reading books are endless. This enrichment progam will introduce some of these concepts and ideas by exploring books of all different kinds…books that lend themselves to cooking activities, math concepts and play acting.  We will read classic tales and new tales.  Both old and new stories will be brought to life with hands-on activities and lessons that will help develop a love of learning and reading.

Session 1: September 15 through November 3 – We Could Cook That! Cooking and eating are a part of our daily lives and social interaction with friends and family.  We will read aloud books about food and cooking it.  In addition to enjoying a good story, the children will learn recipe and ingredient vocabulary, sequencing and following a list of instructions and taking turns measuring and working together to create something to eat…and enjoying the “fruits of their labor” as they gobble it up.  Recipes for the food that we make will be incorporated into a cookbook for the children to take home at the end of this fun session.

Session 2: – November 17 through January 26 - “Oldies But Goodies” Folk tales have been told for hundreds of years to so many generations of children.  It is so much fun to see how today’s children react to the old classics like Three Billy Goats Gruff.  They love them and ask for the stories to be read over and over again  Each week during this session, we will be reading different versions of the old tales and discuss the similarities and differences between each author’s interpretation.  We will act out these classics with puppets and plays.

Session 3: – February 2 through April 6 - “Storytelling and Math, Too!” During this session the children will be introduced to books written by authors that use math concepts as illustrations or to tell a story.  This is a fun way to introduce math to young children and a way of participating in a hands-on activity that relates to a book as well as math and art. For example, the children will observe as we read ‘Color Zoo’ by Lois Ehlert how layering shapes can form animal faces and become illustrations in a book.

Session 4: April 13 through June 8 – “Author Study – Amy Krouse Rosenthal” Amy Krouse Rosenthal wrote with amazing creativity, imagination and humor.  The children will enjoy her relatable characters and will surely identify with at least one of them---Little Hoot, Little Pea or Little Pig.  Her stories make the reader look at the world differently and the children will broaden their thinking when they meet the characters she has created out of ordinary objects like spoons and chopsticks.  We will discuss the emotions and problem solving skills of these silly, funny characters as well as participate in fun activities related to the stories and themes of each book.