St. Peter’s Nursery Preschool – Enrichment Classes

Information Sheet 2018 - 2019

September through June

Time:       12:30 PM – 2:00 PM

Days:       Monday: - Art

               Tuesday: - Play Production

               Wednesday:- Sports

Thursday: - Little Hands Can Do BIG Things

Friday: -Literacy

Length of Program: Monday through Friday = 8 weeks

Available to:            3 & 4 year olds

Enrollment forms needed:                      

1.          Must have Nursery Preschool Application on file

2.          Enrichment Enrollment Form

Bag lunch provided by the parent

Please remember: We are nut free classroomsChildren may not bring Peanut Butter or any other item that contains nuts or nut products.


Consider coming on your “off” day!


The implementation of the new Common Core State Standards across all grade levels, speaks to the charge educators have in developing a curriculum that will support the literate, well -rounded person for the 21st century.  The standards call for the development of skills and understanding that extend beyond the classroom, charging educators to develop creative instruction that includes hands on experiences.

The NYS Department of Education provides an alignment of NYS Pre-Kindergarten Standards to K-12 Common Core State Standards.  Our curriculum for Nursery and Pre-kindergarten classes are based upon these standards for Pre-kindergarten. Our Enrichment program provides a unique opportunity to extend the “school” day for your child, in a manner that includes (hands-on) constructive play.  Our staff has developed cross-curricula lesson plans for interesting, engaging, interactive learning.

Attached you will find a description of each of the Enrichment class offerings.  You may select/register for one class per session or multiple classes per session; space is limited.  Separate registration will take place prior to each Enrichment Session.

1. Art– Mondays – (Room to be assigned)

  Mrs. Rea, Teacher/Mrs. Sesterak, Assistant

“The artist, after all, is not a special person; every person is a special kind of artist”


The goals of our enrichment course include freedom of artistic expression, joy in the process of creating, development of art vocabulary, communication through art, and skills in caring for art materials.


Session 1- September 17 through November 19 - “Recycled”Art          
During this unit the children will have lots of fun making cool crafts out of recyclables.  Best of all, the children will learn about the importance of recycling and being aware of our impact on the environment!

Session 2 - November 26 through February 4“Don’t Eat That Picture!”
Oh okay, go ahead.  Food can be fun and children love to be a part of the process.  In this class the children will make creative projects that not only look great but are edible too!

Session 3 - February 11 through April 8“The Art of the Popsicle Stick”
Popsicle sticks aren’t just for ice cream.  In this class the children will use simple Popsicle sticks to make some fantastic art projects.  You might never look at a Popsicle stick the same way again!

Session 4 - April 15 through June 17“Exploring the Great Artists”
In this class the children will be introduced to some of the Great Artists of our time.  We will explore the works of Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, and Jackson Pollock to name just a few.


2. Play Production– Tuesday – (Room 26)

 Mrs. Cook – Teacher/Mrs. Mauceri, Assistant


Preschoolers who spend more time in role-playing (acting out characters) have higher measures of creativity: voicing someone else’s point of view helps develop their ability to analyze situations from different perspectives.                                     -NEWSWEEK


This exciting enrichment program will focus on the reading and dramatization of some of our most beloved fairytales.  Through the creation of props, scenery and role playing, the children will have an opportunity to learn & reinforce concepts such as character, point of view, setting, plot, and story development.  Performance encourages a child’s love of reading and music, while boosting their emotional development, self confidence, and individuality!


Session 1- September 18 through November 13 - “The Three Little Pigs”

Calling all actors! The goal of each session is to introduce the children to the theatre through storytelling, role playing, crafts & music.  The crafts created weekly will all be incorporated in a classroom production of “The Three Little Pigs” to be performed for loved ones at the last session!

Session 2 – November 20 through January 22 - “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”

Session 3 – January 29 through April 2 - “Little Red Riding Hood”

Session 4 – April 16 through June 18 - “Jack and the Beanstalk” 

3. Sports– Wednesday – (Room to be assigned)

Mrs. Harrington – Teacher/Mrs. Getfield, Assistant


For toddlers, learning to throw or catch a ball is not just about competing in a given sport; it is about motor development and coordination. In an effort to help toddlers grow and develop, age-appropriate sports programs teach youngsters the skills they need.  Learning these skills as a toddler can help a youngster develop an interest in sports.

Session 1 - September 26 through November 14 – “Roaring Racers” (7 classes)

Preschoolers love to run.  Roaring Racers is an 8 week program where your child will participate in FUN, well organized relay races such as: Drop & Pop, Laundry Day Relay, and Mummy Relay.

Your Roaring Racer will learn that teamwork, good energy, and lots of fun are all that is needed.

Session 2 - November 28 through January 30 – “Outrageous Obstacles”
When it comes to working kids' muscles, nothing beats an obstacle course.  For preschoolers, encountering obstacles is fun because they are developing physical skills at this age.  The Outrageous Obstacles will give them an opportunity to test new skills and understand more about their own physical abilities.  Outrageous Obstacles is designed to improve your little preschooler’s gross motor skills and general co-ordination.

Session 3 – February 13 through April 10 –“Track and Field”
Today's preschoolers are tomorrow's Champions!  Let the games begin.  Preschoolers prepare yourself for stretching, running, jumping and throwing events, just like the big kids. Some events will be standing jump, running jump, hurdles, and softball throw.

Session 4 – April 17 through June 12“Soccer”
In many ways, learning the game of soccer is like learning a language: The earlier someone begins learning it, the easier it is. The odd skill set soccer requires--using your feet to control the ball rather than your hands--can be better grasped if players learn it at a young age. Therefore, teaching preschool-aged children the basics of soccer and having them practice these skills will better allow them to grow into the sport, affectionately known as "the world's game -- the world’s most popular team sport”.


4. Little Hands Can Do BIG Things - Thursday (Room to be assigned)

 Mrs. Rankel ,Teacher/Mrs. Christine Lublin, Assistant

This year we will encourage your children to build confidence in their own capabilities, kindness for others and our Earth while developing open ended, observant thinking that will inspire their curiosities.  Each session provides opportunities to develop curiosity, work cooperatively with friends and ends with a service project that helps others.  We will learn that little hands can do BIG things!

 Session 1- September 20 through November 8 – “Little Hands can do BIG things: Fall”

We will begin our journey together learning how to make new friends and sing a multi cultural "hello" song together.  The children will learn how to collaborate by building castles together.  During our fall session, we will explore the changing seasons and paint the changes we see in our autumn tree while listening to Vivaldi's Four Seasons for inspiration. We will perform science experiments to see if pumpkins sink or float and learn how spider webs work. On a nature walk, we will see how animals get ready for winter and we will collect and create nature infused art projects. Our service project will be when we will help with fall clean-up and learn how to rake a giant pile of leaves to jump into! 

 Session 2 – November 15 through January 31 – “Little Hands can do BIG things: Winter”

As we settle into the winter season, the children will learn what the gift of giving to others feels like. We will draw pictures for our grandparents or other special relatives to send to that let them know how much we love them. Grownups love getting mail!  We will learn how to make handmade gifts for others to share at Christmas time.  The children will create recycled bird feeders to help the animals find food during the harsh winter.  We will use snow to build fun "snow castles" together.  We will experiment with simple machines like ramps to see how to build the perfect car ramp. We will learn about friendship and peace through the message of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Our service project this month will be to create a handmade gift that will be donated to a local nursing home. 

 Session 3 – February 7 through April 4 – “Little Hands can do BIG things: Spring”

The world is coming alive!  We will get outdoors and observe the world as it awakes from its winter nap.  The children will explore Earth concepts like gravity, recycling, and life cycles.  We will create art projects out of recycled materials and create reusable bags to shop with.  The children will learn cooperation games, taking turns and good sportsmanship while we play in the gym on some leftover cold days. The children will collect materials from nature to build fairy houses to welcome the baby animals.  We will learn the differences in bird songs and create nest building bags as birds begin to make their new homes. We will create a terrarium to observe ladybugs and release them to help eat the aphids and keep our gardens healthy.  Our service project will be to build a planter and grow beautiful flowers for our school to enjoy! 

 Session 4 – April 11 through June 13 – “Little Hands can do BIG things: Summer”

The world is warming up and we are excited to get outside and play!  We will create a sun dial and learn about shadows. The children will learn about beach and water safety concepts as well as the proper care and respect for local beach animals. We are going to dig, dig, dig and look under rocks for cool insects to observe.   We will experiment with bubbles to see how to make long lasting ones and GIANT ones too!  We will learn some Spanish words as we celebrate Cinco de Mayo together and sing a fun Spanish song to share with you.  Our service project will be to create a video blog to send to active service men and women where the children will sing God Bless America and illustrate the video with pictures they drew.  


5. Literacy– Friday – (Room to be assigned)                     

Mrs. Rankel – Teacher/Mrs. Wilson, Assistant


The “processes of communication”: reading, writing, listening, speaking, and language development, are interconnected.  The objective of this Enrichment topic is to provide an interdisciplinary approach to literacy instruction; a hands on, fun-filled opportunity for emergent readers to flourish.   

Session 1 – September 14 through November 9 – “The Sights and Sounds of the Season”
There is so much to take in as the fall approaches: the hello from a new friend; the scratchy sounds of leaves blowing in the wind, the howl of a night owl on Halloween Night, the acorns kerplunking on the sidewalks as busy squirrels scatter to collect them.  We will read books that focus on the sights and sounds of fall to increase our awareness to all that is changing this time of year!  Nature walks, sights and sound observations/experiments and cooperation games will expand our literature into tangible takeaways for your child.

Session 2 – November 16 through January 25 – “The Gift of Reading”
We often forget that reading to our children and being read to, is one of the greatest gifts we can give.  During this session, children will be read to with holiday treasures that focus on family, love, tradition and the magic of winter time.  We will journal our thoughts and feelings with each book. Crafts, cooking and holiday crafts will bring the stories to life! At the end of the session, your child will have created a "Gift of Reading" journal that they compiled voicing their thoughts and responses to the stories we shared.

Session 3 – February 1 through March 29 – “These Books Have NO WORDS!”
Sometimes the greatest journey we can take is one into our own imagination!  Throughout this session, we will "read" books that have no words, only pictures. We will encourage the children to add their own personal responses to what they see, feel and believe about the story coming alive on the page. Children will practice collaboration, promote creativity and develop their own ideas like never before!  We will create and develop our own storylines together and collaborate on each other's ideas. Children will be encouraged to draw their own responses and interpretation of the stories "read" and add their personal thoughts for you to enjoy as well.

Session 4 – April 5 through June 14 – “Author Study: MO WILLEMS”

 Oh that silly Pig!  What will he put on his head next?!  That silly Pigeon!  He is always trying to convince us of something. Terrible monsters, knuffle bunnies, alligators, trumpets and everything in between. Mo Willems is a highly renowned children's author who really connects to the feelings and experiences of childhood: the excitement of discovering new things, the comfort of a loving stuffed animal, the joy of staying up late, and the profound connection of friends. Mo Willems covers it all through his lovable characters and really validates all the feelings we can have.  During this author study, we will discuss his use of characters, how they feel and help delve into our own feelings to share them with others. We will explore his silly side and ours!  Literature can really help us to understand and connect to things we are still learning about and Mo Willems is the perfect author to help encourage children to enjoy and embrace childhood.