St. Peter’s Nursery Preschool – Enrichment Classes

September through June

Enrichment Classes 

·       Classes will be held

·       Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

·       12:30 – 2:00

Consider coming on your “off” day!


The implementation of the new Common Core State Standards across all grade levels, speaks to the charge educators have in developing a curriculum that will support the literate, well -rounded person for the 21st century.  The standards call for the development of skills and understanding that extend beyond the classroom, charging educators to develop creative instruction that includes hands on experiences.

The NYS Department of Education provides an alignment of NYS Pre-Kindergarten Standards to K-12 Common Core State Standards.  Our curriculum for Nursery and Pre-kindergarten classes are based upon these standards for Pre-kindergarten. Our Enrichment program provides a unique opportunity to extend the “school” day for your child, in a manner that includes (hands-on) constructive play.  Our staff has developed cross-curricula lesson plans for interesting, engaging, interactive learning.

Attached you will find a description of each of the Enrichment class offerings.  You may select/register for one class per session or multiple classes per session; space is limited.  Separate registration will take place prior to each Enrichment Session.

1. Art – Monday – (Room to be assigned)

             Mrs. Sesterak, Teacher/Mrs. Bias, Assistant                           

“The artist, after all, is not a special person; every person is a special kind of artist”

The goals of our enrichment course include freedom of artistic expression, joy in the process of creating, development of art vocabulary, communication through art, and skills in caring for art materials.

Session 1: September 16 through December 16 - “Paper Plate Art”         

Session 2: January 6 through March 23“Mo Willems”

Session 3: March 30 through June 8“DIY Paintbrush”  (9 week session)


2. Music and MovementTuesday – (Room to be assigned)
                                  Mrs. Mauceri, Teacher/ Mrs. Bias, Assistant

“Music is vital to life”

Music evokes emotion and movement. Children are naturally drawn to music, and music is naturally good for children. Experts have found that “…developmentally appropriate music activities involve the whole child; the child’s desire for language, the body’s urge to move, the brain’s attention to patterns, the ears lead in initiating communication, the voices response to sounds, as well as the eye-hand co-ordination associated with playing musical instruments.” (Professional Journal – Early Childhood Connections)

Session 1: September 17 through December 10 – “The Language of Music”

Session 2: December 17 through March 17 – “Music 101”

Session 3: March 24 through June 9 – “Music and Customs Around the World”


3. SportsWednesday – (Room to be assigned)

Mrs. Getfield, Teacher/Mrs. Sesterak, Assistant 

For toddlers, learning to throw or catch a ball is not just about competing in a given sport; it is about motor development and coordination. In an effort to help toddlers grow and develop, age-appropriate sports programs teach youngsters the skills they need.  Learning these skills as a toddler can help a youngster develop an interest in sports.

Session 1: September 11 through November 20 – “T.E.A.M.” 

Session 2: December 4 through March 11 – Fun Old-Fashioned Games” 

Session 3: March 25 through June 10 –“Soccer”


4. Sign LanguageThursday – (room to be assigned)

                                    Mrs. Berrins, Teacher/Mrs. Tavani, Assistant

Session 1: Septemer 12 through November 21 – “The Basics”

Session 2: December 5 through March 12 – “Signing through Stories”

Session 3: March 19 through June 11 – “Signing Bible Fun”


 5. Literacy Friday – (Room to be assigned)          

Mrs. Berrins – Teacher/Mrs. Bias, Assistant

The “processes of communication”: reading, writing, listening, speaking, and language development, are interconnected.  The objective of this Enrichment topic is to provide an interdisciplinary approach to literacy instruction; a hands on, fun-filled opportunity for emergent readers to flourish.   

Session 1: September 13 through November 22 - “Author Study: Todd Parr”

Session 2: December 6 through March 6 – “Interactive Picture Books”

Session 3: March 13 through June 12 – “Let's go to the Zoo”