Daily Class Procedures/Routine:

Welcome-children are greeted at the door by the teacher and find their name on the leaf (snowflake/flower) to put on our class tree

 Free Choice-the children choose the area of they classroom where they wish to play.  There are fine motor toys set up on the tables where the children can choose to do puzzles or draw or write, as well as do activities related to the theme.  The building and more active toys set up on the floor and the rug area.  The  kitchen/nursery and library area are also available during this time.
While the children are playing, the teacher will direct an art activity which is theme-related, uses different media, and which reinforces fine motor skills.  The process, delight, and imagination in creating artwork is a large part of "art" in a three year old class.
Clean Up-all the children will work together to "Neatly, neatly put the toys back" as our clean-up song goes.
Circle Time I-the children meet on the rug and hear a story from the Bible, say the Pledge, sing America, practice the calendar, "jump" the months with their imaginary jump ropes, sing the ABC's, practice the colors and shapes, and hear about the leader's (the child who brings the snack) show and tell.  There may be a finger play or song taught during this time, as well.
Table Time (occasionally)-the children move to the tables where they participate in a short group lesson involving group instruction followed by writing, observing, and/or discussion. 
Snack time-begins with the children singing a prayer of thanks; during our healthy snack, we will concentrate on the "three little magic phrases":  excuse me, thank you, and please, and having discussions with our friends
Active play time-is scheduled from 11-11:25.  We will go outside as much as possible to allow the children to have time in nature.
Circle Time II-after putting their jackets on the backs of their chairs, the children gather on the rug for their storytime, finger plays, and musical movement activities followed by a going home song
Good-Bye-the teacher meets with the parents in the hall to review the day and share any important announcements; the children are called one at a time to meet their parents