Daily Class Procedures/Routine:

9:30-10:10 Morning Meeting/Circle Time

We will start at our groups with a short “warm up” that focuses on fine motor skills.  Each day we will check in at our welcome board, sign into our group and meet our friends at our color table. There we will work on our morning warm up activity of tracing, coloring or cutting while we wait for all of our friends to arrive. In our morning meeting, we will learn the days and months of the year, practice patterning skills on the calendar and graph the weather.  We will open with the Pledge of Allegiance and sing seasonal songs together. We will talk about our graphing question of the day.  During circle time, our leader for the day will have the opportunity to challenge us with the Mystery Object.  We will listen to stories that focus on our learning project of the day, learn the letters of the alphabet and  even play fun games to begin reading and writing together.

10:10-10:35 Gym

At our gym time, we will focus on developing gross motor skills and coordination as well as game playing. We will learn how to run, jump, kick and catch a ball!  We play games like Duck, Duck, Goose, Red Light, Green Light and relay games to learn about team cooperation. We will practice sports skills like soccer, football and volleyball. We love to play with hula hoops and the parachute. When the weather is nice, we go to the playground or take a nature walk together.

10:35-11:30 Centers for Learning

This year, our curriculum focuses on learning the letters in our alphabet. We will use many methods to listen, see, feel, even taste the alphabet.  Everyday, one of our lessons will focus on beginning sounds, handwriting and pre reading skills to get us Kindergarten ready!  In our centers, we will have the opportunity to learn a math, science or social studies concept through arts and crafts,  experiments, cooking or learning games.  We will have a literacy station that provides practice to develop our fine motor skills as we practice our handwriting in fun ways as well as learn sight words.   Other centers include  an Imagination Station and toys for creative construction like blocks and train tables, a Math and Science center as well as Computer Time where each child will have the ability to build their technology skills.   Each child will be assigned to a color group each week where they are encouraged to learn at their own pace and develop friendships with the entire classroom of friends.

11:35-11:40 Clean Up

The children will work together to  clean up.  If we work as a team, we get marbles in our jar. Once our jar is full, we get Hershey Kisses that day as a treat!

11:40-11:55 Snack and a Story

The children will settle in with a prayer and a healthy snack provided by our leader.  During snack time, the teacher will read them a classic children’s story.

11:55-12:00 Goodbye Time

During our final moments, we will clean up snack, put on our coats and sing a goodbye song together.  Parents will be met by the teacher who will update them on our day.