Mommy & Me is designed for children from 15 months – 2 ½ years old.  Each class is 1 ½ hours; focusing on socialization, music education, storytime, and fine and gross motor skills.  Each session is 8 weeks long and runs throughout the school year.  Mommy & Me is a great opportunity to introduce your toddler to the Nursery School setting, and an excellent opportunity for parents to meet other families with young children.  Currently, Mommy & Me classes are offered on  Friday 9:30 – 11:00.

Typical Daily Class Procedures/Routine:

Free Play/Art Activity
During the free play time, leaders and assistants work on the art activity with the children and parents.

Gym or Playground
The class is given a special time to use either the gym or playground for their physical education program.

Clean-up Time
During this time, the children learn to clean up after their free playtime.

Snack Time
The snack time will always begin with a prayer.

Circle Time
During this time, the leader will have:
- Stories
- Discuss the theme of the day’s project
- Songs
- Finger plays 
- Exercise/dancing



I. Social Awareness
- Making new friends
- Sharing
- Taking turns
- Learning to follow class routines
- School is fun
- Strengthen the bond between parent and child
- Begin separation with parent
V. Physical Education (Playground and Gymnasium)
- Gross motor skills
- Small motor skills
- Movement skills
- Listening skills
- Body coordination
IX. Spiritual
- Learning about God and Jesus
- Learning about God’s love
- Learning about God’s world
- Learning how to pray
- Learning to be: Caring, helpful and thankful
II. Social Studies
- Me
- Family
- Holidays
VI. Language Arts
- Stories
- Conversation with teachers, friends and parents
- Recognizes colors
X. Arts and Crafts
- Painting: Easel, finger painting, sponge, watercolor
- Craft projects
- Gluing/pasting
- Coloring: Crayons, markers
- Play dough
III. Science
- Weather
- Season
- Trees and plants
- Seeds and flowers
- Animals and fish
- Birds and insects
- Colors
VII. Math
- Shapes: Circle, square, triangle
- Counting 1-5
XI. Values
- Kindness
- Tolerance
- Responsibility
IV. Health
- Cleanliness
- Nutrition
- Healthy snacks
V111. Music
- Songs
- Dance
- Rhythms
- Instruments
- Finger plays