Our two year old program or playgroup is designed to nurture your child while introducing them to a social setting and environment. The curriculum includes all learning areas like Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies and Spiritual Guidance. Our classrooms are safe, warm and welcoming and offer your child a place to grow in confidence as they become more comfortable in learning how to explore the world around them. Kindness, tolerance and responsibility are the values we practice as we learn about others.

Typical Daily Class Procedures/Routine:
Free Play/Art Activity
During the free play time, leaders and assistants work on the art activity with the children.

Gym or Playground
The class is given a special time to use either the gym or playground for their physical education program.

Clean-up Time
During this time, the children learn to clean up after their free playtime.

Snack Time
The snack time will always begin with a prayer.

Circle Time
During this time, the leader will have:
- Stories
- Discuss the theme of the day’s project
- Songs
- Finger plays
- Exercise/dancing
- Show and Tell



I. Social Awareness
- Making new friends
- Sharing
- Taking turns
- Learning to follow class routines
- Separation from parent
- School is fun
V. Physical Education (Playground and Gymnasium)
- Gross motor skills
- Small motor skills
- Movement skills
- Listening skills
- Body coordination
IX. Spiritual
- Learning about God and Jesus
- Learning about God’s love
- Learning about God’s world
- Learning how to pray
- Learning to be: Caring, helpful and thankful
II. Social Studies
- Me
- Family
- Holidays
- History
- Patriotism - Flag

VI. Language Arts
- Show and Tell
- Listening games and activities
- Stories, both books and felt board
- Conversation with teachers and friends
- Recognizes colors
- Nursery rhymes

X. Arts and Crafts
- Painting: Easel, finger painting, sponge, watercolor
- Craft projects
- Cutting - introduction
- Gluing/pasting
- Coloring: Crayons, markers
- Clay and play dough
III. Science
- Weather
- Seasons
- Trees and plants
- Seeds and flowers
- Animals and fish
- Cooking
- Environment study
- Birds and insects
- Colors
VII. Math
- Shapes: Circle, square, triangle
- Counting 1-11
- Sizes
- Matching
XI. Values
- Kindness
- Tolerance
- Responsibility
IV. Health
- Cleanliness
- Nutrition
V111. Music
- Songs
- Dance
- Rhythms
- Instruments
- Finger plays
XII. Books Produced by Children
- Portfolio for parent/teacher conference