Teacher: Kate Rea
Hello, my name is Kate Rea and I am a teacher for the three year old program at St. Peter's Nursery Preschool. I currently hold a bachelors degree in Elementary Education from the State University at Oneonta, a masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Northeast Louisiana University, and I am Montessori certified from North American Teacher Training Center.

In addition to teaching in the three year old program, I have also taught a “Mommy and Me” program. In each situation I continue to be amazed at how smart children are and how eager they are to learn when placed in a nurturing and stimulating environment. I truly believe that St. Peter's Nursery Preschool provides such a place for children. My own two boys went to St. Peter's Nursery Preschool and to this day it is evident the positive impact their preschool teachers had on them. St. Peter's Nursery Preschool is not only a school, but a home-away-from-home! 

Assistant: Karen Haggqvist