Teacher: Kate Rea
Hello, my name is Kate Rea and I am a teacher for the three year old program at St. Peter's Nursery Preschool. I currently hold a bachelors degree in Elementary Education from the State University at Oneonta, a masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Northeast Louisiana University, and I am Montessori certified from North American Teacher Training Center.

In addition to teaching in the three year old program, I have also taught a “Mommy and Me” program. In each situation I continue to be amazed at how smart children are and how eager they are to learn when placed in a nurturing and stimulating environment. I truly believe that St. Peter's Nursery Preschool provides such a place for children. My own two boys went to St. Peter's Nursery Preschool and to this day it is evident the positive impact their preschool teachers had on them. St. Peter's Nursery Preschool is not only a school, but a home-away-from-home! 

Email Kate:  krea@stpetersnurserypreschool.com

Assistant: Pat DiSpirito
I am beginning my 16th year and currently working in Mrs. Rea's 3 year old class.  How fortunate I am to work at St Peter's Nursery Preschool. Every morning I am welcomed by so many children excited to come to school. It is wonderful to see their smiling faces and their eagerness to learn new things.
For 9 years I assisted Mrs. Laura Somoza in the two year old program helping to nurture the children, make crafts, play in the gym, and sing songs. As a mother of three grown children I truly enjoy being with "little ones" again.

 Assistant: Nadine Bias

My name is Nadine Bias. I am beginning my 17th year at St. Peter's. This year I will be working as an assistant in Mrs. DePalo's 4-year-old class and Mrs. Rea's 3 year old class. In the past, I have been an assistant for a four year old class, a three-year-old class, a two year old class, as well as, a lead teacher in the two year old room. I have found each of the ages has their own challenges and rewards. I am excited to once again be working in a fun filled learning experience with three-year-olds. My husband and I have both been Huntington residents all our lives and have three wonderful children. I began working at St. Peter's when our youngest entered preschool. From the very first day, St. Peter's was like a second family to me. Supportive parents, encouraging colleagues, and enthusiastic students make the everyday adventure of teaching preschool even that much more enjoyable.