Our three year old program is designed to nurture your child, build confidence in their abilities, help them grow socially, and give them opportunities to learn from the world around them. We provide them with a safe, loving classroom environment that offers hands on learning and exploration into our world.

Our curriculum includes Math, Science Language Arts, Art, Social Studies and Spiritual Guidance. Throughout the year, your child will learn about the colors and shapes of our world. They will be able to understand number theory and do basic math skills to count, pattern and sequence. Through science experiments your child will be able to predict outcomes, test their hypothesis and draw conclusions. We learn about our relationships with others and our world through social studies. We focus on how to become a citizen of the world. Your child will be introduced to fine motor skills such as coloring, cutting, painting and drawing. We use many modalities to develop these skills and let your child have fun while doing so!

Typical Daily Class Procedures/Routine:
Free Play/Art Activity
During the free play time, teacher and assistants work on the art activities with the children. All projects have an educational theme and objective for each class session.

Gym or Playground
The class is given a special time to use either the gym or playground for their physical education program.

Clean-up Time
During this time, the children learn to clean up after their free playtime.

Snack Time
The snack time will always begin with a prayer.

Circle Time
During this time, the teacher will have:
- Stories (should possibly connect with the day’s lesson)
- Discuss the theme of the day’s project
- Pledge (to begin in September)
- Weather-day-season
- Counting activity
- Song - My Country Tis of Thee

Music Time
During this time, the children will learn new songs and finger plays.

Show and Tell
Show and Tell is to be done on specified days.

During this time, the children will sing a good-bye song and/or Jesus Loves Me.


I. Social Awareness
- Making new friends
- Sharing
- Taking turns
- Learning to follow class routines
- Separation from parent
- Learning to work in a group
VI. Language Arts
- Show and Tell
- Reading readiness (word and name recognition)
- Introduction to writing name and numbers
- Listening games and activities
- Experience chart
- Stories both books and felt board
- Following directions
- Recognizes and names colors
- Introduction to literature and poetry
- Opposites
XI. Trips
- Pumpkin farm
- Library
- Firehouse
II. Social Studies
- Me
- Family
- Holidays
- History
- Patriotism - Flag
VII. Math
- Shapes
- Circle, square, heart
- Triangle, rectangle
- Numbers 1-5
- Counting 1-20
- Patterns
- Sizes
- Graphs
- Matching
- Sorting
- Rhyming
- Sequencing
XII. Values
- Kindness
- Tolerance
- Responsibility
III. Science
- Weather
- Seasons
- Trees and plants
- Seeds and flowers
- Animals and fish
- Cooking
- Environment study
- Birds and insects
- Colors
V111. Music
- Songs
- Dance
- Rhythms
- Instruments
- Finger plays
XIII. Books Produced by Children
- Portfolio for parent/teacher conference
- Colors
- Numbers
- Shapes
IV. Health
- Cleanliness
- Dental and health hygiene
- Nutrition
IX. Spiritual
- Learning about God and Jesus
- Learning about God’s love
- Learning about God’s world
- Learning how to pray
- Learning to be:
- Caring
- Helpful
- Thankful
V. Physical Education (Playground and Gymnasium)
- Gross motor skills
- Small motor skills
- Movement skills
- Listening skills
- Body coordination
X. Arts and Crafts
- Painting
- Easel
- Finger painting
- Sponge
- Watercolors
- Craft projects
- Cutting
- Gluing/pasting
- Coloring
- Crayons
- Markers
- Clay and play dough
- Lacing