Free Play
Children come in and play with the toys on the rug and on the table.  A coloring sheet with the weekly theme will be on the table if the children decide they want to color.

Art Project
One child at a time comes over to the art table with their parent.  There will be a weekly theme and a variety of mediums to complete an age appropriate project.  All projects go home with the child at the end of the class.

Snack Time
The children wash up and have a seat at the table for snack.  The children will sing a "snack" song as well as a prayer before eating.  (Each family takes turns bringing in a weekly snack.)

We will run and play together using hula hoops, parachutes, and rubber bouncing balls.  Weather permitting, the children will go to the playground to practice their gross motor skills.

Story time
Rug time: the children will gather together to sing and share a story.  They may each borrow a book from  the school 'library' and each week one child will take 'wormy' (the class pet) home to visit and share storybooks and adventures during the next weeks 'storytime'.